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Sexual health control of males and females.

The reproductive health of the herd is the basis for the success of any breeding. Do not leave anything to chance and regularly check the reproductive health of breeding males and females in the herd. With our mobile laboratory, we work directly on your farm to examine the animals in their home environment and without stress.

Andrological examination of all male species 

  • examination and diagnostics of the reproductive system - testes, prostate by USG (ultrasonography)

  • total examination of the male reproductive system, mainly bulls, rams, goats and male farmed animals 

  • complex macroscopic and microscopic laboratory examinations of sperm directly on the farm by cutting-edge technology

  • fertility examination - determination and examination of 18 factors of ejaculate quality

  • treatment of conditional or total infertility

  • sampling, processing and preserving the ejaculate of top breeders

  • processing ejaculate according to client requirements

  • microbiological examination of ejaculate with antibiogram

  • premature rinse and microbiological examination of the preputial wash

Gynecological examination of all female species

  • examination and diagnostics of the reproductive system - ovaries, uterus, cervix by USG (ultrasonography)

  • diagnosis of pregnancy by ultrasound or laboratory from milk / blood

  • synchronization of female ovulation of domestic animals, livestock and farm animals

  • controlled artificial insemination - female fertilization through cervical fixation directly into the uterus / cervix or directly into the uterine corner by a laparoscopic method through the abdominal cavity

  • Intake of embryos in species: sheep, goats, mouflon, red deer, fallow deer, cattle and embryo-transfer performance by species (IU)

Treatment of reproductive system problems

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