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Your family veterinarian.

We will take care of your pets - dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets or reptiles in our veterinary clinic in Budmerice or we will come to your home to visit our patients. Stress-free atmosphere and personal approach are the basis of our veterinary care.

Routine veterinary services

  • pets microchipping

  • vaccination

  • dental hygiene (tartar removal)

  • treatment against internal and external parasites

  • blood testing and cytology

  • haematological and biochemical examinations

  • CRP examination

  • coprological examination of excrement

  • ORL/ENT examination

  • USG (sonographic) examination

  • surgery (ambulant / day surgery)

  • X-ray machine (from January 2021)

 Specific reproduction services

  • insemination station for dogs, cats and wild animals

  • examination of reproductive organs and sperm of dogs and tomcats by the most modern CASA AndroVision analysis (collection and freezing of sperm, including their long-term archiving)

  • artificial controlled reproduction of dogs and cats

  • USG pregnancy confirmation (after artificial insemination)

  • USG of reproductive organs (prostate, testes, uterus and ovaries)

  • progesterone testing examination and synchronization

  • diagnosis and treatment of severe reproductive problems (mycoplasma / ureaplasma in dogs and cats, necrosoospermia, azoospermia, oligoasthenozoospermia and other dysfunctions of the genital system)

  • castration / neutering dogs, cats and ferrets

Diagnosis of specific health and genetic problems

Veterinary care in wild farmed animals

Health Herd Program

Veterinary Ayurveda

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